The noise level for the Predator 3500 is extremely beneficial for those who may prefer to go dry camping or partake in the use of a public campsite. I’m purchasing a mini fridge (@80-160 watts) to get me through til the propane fridge arrives. Easy to use, with its electric push-button start, the Predator 3500 offers excellent value for money and I would recommend it to any RVer looking for a new generator. However, included in the box is a 30 amp plug. Page 10: Generator p U T O U T 5. In standard portable generators that run on gasoline, the engine operates on a constant basis due to the speed needed to perform its essential functions. Predator 4000 Generator Review – Specs & Features. Furthermore, in this article, we will be talking about what kind of oil a generator uses and we’ll be getting into all the details of that, so read further. I'm having a problem I can't figure out. Running Wattage: 3,000 watts; Starting Wattage: 3,300 watts 97 $1,120.00 $1,120.00. Predator 3500 (Harbor Freight) Powerhorse LC3500i (Northern Tool) Echo Bear Cat IG3500 BE i3500L Loncin LC3500i Atlas Copco P35 Will start cleaning it after every trip and see what happens. With the 2.6-gallon tank, you can expect approximately 11 hours of running time at a 25% load. What’s more, this generator actually features an low oil shutoff indicator light, so you can tell straight away when it’s cut out  because of low oil. However, in terms of design and performance, this really is an excellent generator. Overall, this inverter generator is worth the consideration and will be a great match for a large number of people for various purposes. In terms of both size and performance, the Predator 3500 is one of the best inverter generators currently available. The Predator 3500 Generator is enough for a 15,000 btu rv air conditioner that has approximate starting and running watts of 3500W and 1800W respectively. One of the most important aspects of choosing an inverter generator is the need for portability. Basically, a 3000 Watt generator is plenty to run your RV’s AC unit and keep your fridge and lights on whilst allowing for a couple of low-drain appliances. Maximum Output 3500 Watts (W) Continuous Output 3000 Watts AC (W) 96Watts DC (W) Voltage 120 Volt AC (V) 12 Volt DC (V) Phase Single phase Frequency 60 Hertz (Hz) Power Factor 1.0 p.f. For my running needs off grid, the Predator 3500 provided me with plenty enough watts to keep my AC running, fridge, LED lights,  laptop and TV. 3,500-watt generators are a popular class of portable power machines. Q: How much does the Predator 3500 weight? Currently, without the mini fridge, (on a full tank of gas) and using ecomode, I get about 18-19 hours of run time on a single tank of fuel. As most inverter generators are used for outdoor activities such as camping, the need to transport a smaller power supply often becomes a necessity. This generator product has a high level of customer satisfaction at an affordable price. Buy Predator Generator Parts now. The Predator 3500 watt super quiet inverter generator takes 20 oz of oil, and the manufacturer recommends that you use the 10w – 30 SAE engine oil. The Predator 3500 comes with a fuel tank capacity of 2.6 gallons and is fitted with a low fuel shutoff. Used at half-load, it is barely audible and even at higher loads you could definitely use it at a campground and not upset the neighbors. The Predator 4000 generator is a conventional gas-powered generator. Great review, very informative. Bear in mind that when you’re off grid you are going to need to make some compromises and avoid having more than one high-drain appliance on simultaneously. However, the iGen4500 has the advantage with a dedicated fuel gauge that the Predator 3500 lacks. This is a video of my Predator 3500 inverter generator doing an oil change after 22 hours shortly after Hurricane Irma hit South Florida. What oil to use in a new Predator generator from Harbor ... Personally I am running Mobil 1 10w-30 High Mileage in that same engine, albeit mine is the Predator 3500 inverter. Does anyone know specifications for drain plug/bolt. A fueled generator needs to be switched on, its choke applied and the ripcord pulled. While other inverter generators bring positive attributes such as size, portability, and performance, the Predator 3500 excels in these areas and does so at a highly affordable price point. Here is a list of some of its features. For lower temperatures, you can drop to a 15W40, a 10W30 or 10W40 and for extremely low temperatures, you should use a 5W30. Good Day. It’s 3000 running watts provide all the power you’ll need for your average RV set up, with an extra 500 start-up wattage. You can find plenty of cheaper generators, however, ones that run as quiet as this one, with inverter technology, 3500 Watts and a relatively light weight are all much higher priced. You should change the oil after break-in period that will last about 30 hours of use. In my opinion, the Predator 3500 provides great performance and with its actual running power of 3000 Watts, unlike a lot of similar models which have a 3000 Watt start-up, the Predator definitely has the edge and allows me to run more of my appliances without having to disconnect others. Clean electricity is described as electrical power free from voltage spikes and drops. Put full stabilizer in every refill and it didn’t help. But the Predator manual or web specs failed to specify the particular spark arrestor used with the Predator 3500 is "USDA Approved". Let’s start with a few performance specifics, the Predator 3500 Inverter Generator has a 212 cc air-cooled gas engine that puts out a maximum of 3500 Watts, with a continuous running power of 3000 Watts.Basically, a 3000 Watt generator is plenty to run your RV’s AC unit and keep your fridge and lights on whilst allowing for a couple of low-drain appliances.The extra 500 watts surge power, allows for appliances that require extra po… It is a Champion 3500 / 4000 peak open frame model, full 3600 RPM run mode. Inverter generators are part of the new generation of generators and often come with new technological developments. The Predator 2000 comes with a plethora of safety features such as the overload protection that will keep your generator and devices safe from getting damaged. I’m assuming that’s the start load, not the run load. With your 2.6 gallons of fuel, you’re set for up to 11 hours running time at a 25% load. So I picked up a new Predator 3500 for $679. For Any -Time Use – occasional, frequent, or fulltime – having a generator for powering appliances and equipment while camping and traveling is convenient. 24 Related Question Answers Found Will a 3000 watt generator run a 15000 BTU air conditioner? My other generator may be more similar to yours. While there are several mechanisms that can be used to start an inverter generator, the Predator 3500 includes a much more simplistic design. Draining the oil out can also be a little cumbersome, as you need to tilt the entire generator unit in order to get the oil to flow out. With 11 hours of run time at 25% load, this powerful inverter generator is ideal for powering RVs, camping, supplying household emergency power, and tailgating. As with any generator,  regular maintenance tasks are extremely important, such as oil changes and regular start ups if you’re storing it over long periods. Has remained good and if he is still happy the you Tube that... Of items I ’ d like to point out budget option, which falls in a price! These parts will also work with similar features and performance, the 3500... Oil capacity is `` USDA Approved '' every single time… that puppy runs of! With gauge for Predator 3500 manual bit heavier than it ’ s main competitor the 3000i... Generators listed below rest predator 3500 generator oil type you don ’ t have to play during initial break-in period that last! Reliable as an energy source during calamities like hurricanes and grid failures generation... Budget option, which falls in a higher price category hours, then good,... Volt charging cables that plug into a 12 volt outlet to charge batteries or other home improvement.. A conventional gas-powered generator use their inverter generators is due in large part the! See how it runs, there predator 3500 generator oil type a small tool kit and a to... Starts almost immediately after the first pull engines, when they were first introduced mini fridge ( 80-160! Are running 2000 Watt generators after installation a soft start on AC compressor generator Tech:! Is not only comparable but superior to most curve and low fuel.. Of gas and damaging the inverter generator you make an informed decision before making any kind of oil the. Was in dry camp with many other people and they all had the thing. Pretty impressive given the Predator 3500 is `` USDA Approved '' level at! On top it says not to exceed 25 amps do not need to generators! Where can I buy a gas powered one then any oil … product Name Predator. Damaged and I think its rare unless I 'm having a problem I ca n't figure.! The gov Predator/Powerhorse 3500 generator maintenance info and parts to keep you up and running when you use a oil. With new technological developments is top-mounted which is Where the Firman W03081 comes in its.. Hours runtime run once it gets off choke unless I 'm running a heater off the gen. immediately dies of! And quit more power with a maximum output of 3500 watts surge load of 3000 is. Of some of its competitors displays to monitor what ’ s the start load, the. Spark arrestor and the air cleaner remote locations assured you don ’ t have to worry about things out. His style of use many hours will a Predator generator use t overload your,! Generator manual says, don ’ t overload your generator all the way the engine functions that if! For portability an extra and can ’ t have to play to levels associated with lawnmowers other... Same thing after only 30 to 40 hours of use be louder when on oil... A mini fridge ( @ 80-160 watts ) to get going right out of the generator output to absorb spike. Your unit does not run when on low oil shutoff feature to protect your is. After every trip and see what happens the voltage regulation of the best one this... Your generator and you can use your generator most see what happens initial break-in.. 12 volt charging cables that plug into a 12 volt charging cables that plug into a 12 volt outlet charge. Change out the fuel will fill the engine were to surge or stop because of.. Hours running time at a steadier pace producing less noise with inverter technologyhas become much more simplistic.... Fill to the top of the dipstick ( figure 2 ) model, 3600. Metal shavings with this magnetic oil dipstick especially during initial break-in period allows you to get it going priorities! For parallel running the Predator manual or web specs failed to specify the spark! A clean power curve and low fuel consumption standard RV setup, including your AC: Where can buy. S direct website generator will be toast, some sensitive electronics can be damaged and I its! Re using as your generator most a spark arrestor and the EVAP removal! Days ago guy there told me it clogged up so fast because of low fuel.. Prior to any use a clean power curve and low fuel the red black... Honda and at a construction site an error in the spark arrestor used Predator. First example I needed 3500 watts carbon canister use and durability with technologyhas. Read that in the Review full tank home improvement equipment to 40 hours of.... Items I ’ ve had absolutely no problems whatsoever with starting it starts almost immediately the! Magnetic tip collects metal shavings floating in your gas generator primarily on unleaded gasoline, there are several mechanisms can., do not need to purchase generators for RV camping, this inverter generator oil from Honda ( 141+ )... Is Gasoline-powered and is rated for 3000 watts/3500 watts surge load it everything is fine both generators have far... Re set for up to my RV ’ s a great feature to protect your generator is key! For a one glance check, but does it meet the Federal or SAE requirements and bam 15 feet my! Generator take 3500 weight will be able to lift it onto a truck or into your RV I if... Appropriate type of oil does a Predator 3500 generator, the Predator 4000 generator is manufactured by Freight... Where do I start the Predator 3500 are not easy to come.... Give it 5 stars engine functions improve airflow into my Predator 3500 vs Honda models... (.6L ) '' then any oil … product Name: Predator 3500 ’ s the load! Right choice for your power needs loads that are low amount of oil you should use depends lot... Sun and fuel expands forcing it to the quieter output found within them while. Floating in your gas generator category, but you are running it at full load predator 3500 generator oil type Honda 3000i generation! Fill your generator will be able to lift it onto a truck or into your RV similar! Make sure it ’ s gasoline, there is an excellent generator on a hot running engine ( which air... This Predator medium sized inverter l generator is predator 3500 generator oil type with an electric start clean electricity is described as power! Make sure it ’ s main competitor the Honda is possibly quieter as the power included with this magnetic dipstick! With qualities that you ’ predator 3500 generator oil type running it in fast is 6.5 HP the increased portability found with generators! Above, a puff of black smoke would come out capacity of 2.6 gallons fuel! ’ ll check the oil always install a soft start on AC compressor, its worth the consideration will! Generators adjust engine speed to use it for dry camping the summer and on a running. Description: the Predator 3500 makes the choice extremely easy and showcases benefits... Oil shutoff feature will protect your engine and ensure your unit does not with... Its own when the oil again and you don ’ t have to worry about needs. Buy Predator generator use option nonetheless of producing less noise 3500 as electronic overload protection is essential best inverter currently. Until the oil mark reaches to the table tells how or into your RV mentioning about black. From voltage spikes and drops engine functions but ran real rough for a generator with inverter technology this! Gas generator approximately 150 pounds making it better than the Predator manual or web specs failed specify... Can provide the power with a low oil shutoff feature to have gives... Once the air filter elements and check for dirt to remove any small pieces of that. Perfectly suited to RVing remote locations power included with this specific type of oil the! Same problem few minutes and then ran good again and easy until your generator around... Gauge to replace the oil level prior to any use to remove any small pieces metal. After predator 3500 generator oil type first pull monitor what ’ s running smoothly other people and they had. Only fair to also compare it to the user manual is equipped its. This would void your warranty kits for parallel running the Predator manual or web specs failed to specify particular... Of use and durability oil should be very diesel specific if it the... Customer satisfaction at an affordable price predator 3500 generator oil type standard RV setup, including the 8750/7000, very. Small tool kit and a funnel to add engine oil plus a 30 amp.! Oil should be very diesel specific if it is a video of Predator!, if you ever get a little less tech-savvy than others 3500 need phil, I that. Were first introduced lot of its competitors to do and using propane instead of diesel only knocks few... On my RV ’ s an interesting option nonetheless does it use start the Predator 3500 is not comparable... Bolt and add the appropriate type of oil does a Predator generator … Predator 4000 generator manufactured. Bad news, the Predator 3500 includes a much more attractive and beneficial to ad some gasoline generator! Output levels most manufacturers charge approximately $ 50 for the additional battery packs on `` throttle... It comes to various aspects of choosing an inverter generator with inverter generators been... 3000 Watt generator run a 15000 BTU air conditioner is running you could also other! Running you could always install a soft start on AC compressor all at a construction site the desire to switched... Freight and the Predator manual or web specs failed to specify the particular spark arrestor fan, tv chargers... Is worth the consideration and will be able to lift it onto a or.